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My First Mural { Nadia Lloyd Art } | Commissions & Sold Artwork

Nadia Lloyd hadn't even thought about painting a mural when her first opportunity to do so presented itself. A lovely young professional female in Nadia's own neighbourhood of Liberty Village had seen some previous commission work at a local dental office. It was then that she inquired about whether or not Nadia would be interested in painting a mural in her home. 

This wasn't your average accent wall, either! The client asked Nadia to paint a one-hundred square foot wall covering one whole side of her townhouse, on both the first and second level of the home. After showing the client a variety of styles in which she likes to paint, a particular series called "View from the Plane" stood out above the rest. From there, Nadia and her client decided on a monochromatic colour scheme with red accents. 

The result? A punchy, dramatic wall that adds a one-of-a-kind style to this modern townhouse in one of Toronto's most vibrant neighbourhoods. Nadia completed the mural in just one week while her client was on vacation, and what she saw upon her arrival was most certainly a wonderful surprise! Not only did her client love the finished product, but still a year-and-a-half later shares photos of her favourite mural on the artists' timeline. 

Nadia's favourite part of the final product? "The sheer scale of it and the fact that I accomplished hers and my vision and could now put this on my resume and be commissioned for more!" 


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