If you are in need of corporate swag/gifts and/or branded uniforms look no further! 

Nadia Lloyd has the team and knowledge to design and brand over 35 products with your companie's design(s) or using her own!

From hats, scarves, bags, t-shirts, golf shirts, cushions, mugs, skirts, leggings, shower curtains, notebooks, dress shirts, the list goes on and on! Click HERE to view the possibilities.

From small logos to full seam to seam print, the options are endless.

Ready to get chatting with Nadia about your design ideas? Please fill out this quick INTAKE FORM and Nadia will be in touch with you shortly.

A few current and past clients include:

  • Tourism Toronto
  • Global 4-H Summit
  • Spin 6ix Cycle
  • City of Toronto
  • The Idea Hunter
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