I have to admit, I hadn't painted in almost 2 months.

I have to admit, I hadn't painted in almost 2 months.

When I first started painting and I would sometimes go through these breaks, periods of time I wouldn't paint because I wasn't inspired to, and remember often worrying and wondering if my talent would dry up. If it would walk away because I was taking it for granted, or the inspiration would just stop coming, or if I would start painting like a painted in the early days again! Yikes! I cringe at the stuff I produced in the beginning LOL

Now I know that my talent doesn't disappear, I don't revert back to a beginner painter and that in fact it's OK for me to create in other ways and get inspired in other ways and come back to the canvas whenever inspiration strikes again.

In any case, I had to start my blog with this bit of information because it leads me to my story, which is that yesterday I finally painted and it felt great. In fact it felt freaking amazing!

To paint you a picture, since I'm a visual artist, I had a very frustrating Monday morning start having to take time to deal with some personal issues that to a certain extent are out of my control but have a huge impact on my life. I had to make some tough decisions and have some even tougher conversations. I was feeling hugely frustrated. 

Sitting at my desk, filling out Government paperwork, all of a sudden the words "self-care" popped into my head and I had to ask myself "how can I take care of me while going through this process". The answer was so clear. I saw two white canvases leaning against my wall and felt a HUGE urge to paint. 

It took me seconds to set up my paints and supplies and get going, and the inspiration came fast and furious. I don't know if it took me 5 minutes or 45 minutes to paint this abstract, because I was in a meditative state from beginning to end. 

All I know is when I came to and looked at the complete work, it took my breath away.

I felt like I had ran a 5K, like I had broken a sweat, lost 20 pounds. Felt simply exhilarated. 

I felt happier, lighter and more at peace... with everything. If it'd been a Sunday afternoon vs a Monday afternoon, I would have taken a nap. That's how spent I felt. 

Have you ever experienced something like this? An activity that takes you into a meditative state and has you come out fully refreshed? If so share! I think it's important that we share stories of our creative journeys so we can inspire others to try different things and help them find their passion(s). 

Until next time, 


Nadia Lloyd 

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