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This show was TRULY a One of a Kind Show!

I must be honest and tell you that as I write these words, tears are pouring down my cheeks. Tears of pure joy, tears of pride and tears of humbleness.

I woke up exhausted this morning after five grueling days at the One-of-a-Kind Show, but grueling in the best of ways. 

I met a ton of lovely people, had a ton of great conversations and heard a ton of amazing feedback.

I don't think about it often, but after being surrounded by hundreds of people for the last five days, I realized that being an artist can be quite lonely. 

I spend countless hours in my studio; my safe space, alone, creating, daydreaming, and putting in crazy hours at materializing my visions and goals.

I get lots of great feedback from my family, friends and fans on social media on a daily basis, but it doesn't compare to actually watching people's reactions when they see my work in person and hearing them say things over and over like: "Ooh, Ah, Oh my God, Check this out! This is so awesome!, etc.” Needless to say, my cheeks are tired this morning from all the smiling I've done!

Another major highlight that came out of the OOAK Show is this picture you see above. OOAK puts on fashion shows throughout the day featuring pieces from various vendors. 

I've been lucky for the second year in a row to be featured in the fashion show, but last year I never had the opportunity to actually leave my booth to see the event live. 

This year, I promised myself I would not miss it under any circumstances and on Friday night I got the chance to witness this gorgeous beauty strut her stuff on the runway wearing my apparel and collection you all know I hold very dear to my heart.

Goosebumps! This was an experience like no other. An experience I will never forget. The model came by yesterday afternoon to introduce herself and to tell me how much she loves my brand and that she will be taking pieces with her on her international modelling trips to proudly represent Toronto! 

So yes, this morning I am exhausted and elated, and want to thank all of you who came by to meet me in person and to tell me how much you love my work.

You have no idea how much your words will fuel my future and help me get through the difficult times and challenges that naturally come with entrepreneurship. 

Thank you and I send you so much love. 



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Aspiring artists! Art classes start 01.25.17, 6 spots available!

Want to learn to paint?

Happy new year! I hope you've had a chance to rest, recover and rejuvenate, and are ready to face 2017!

One of my 2016 new year resolutions was to start teaching art classes, but I must admit, it took me a year to line up my ducks in order to materialize that dream.

Better late than never as they say, I'm super excited to announce that my very first art class will be starting this January 25th! Abstract art with Nadia Lloyd will run for six weeks, every Wednesday evening from 6:45 to 7:45PM in Liberty Village. The goal of the six week series will be for me to share with you various techniques I use to paint, and we will explore abstract art, graffiti and skylines techniques. As well, at the end of the six week course, each student will pick one piece of art they created and I will transform it into either a cell phone cover or a cushion cover. The student will get to decide!

I only have 6 spots available, so please, apply asap to avoid disappointment. Click HERE to apply in seconds and click HERE to view my abstract art.

I wish you an awesome weekend, if you have any questions please e-mail me at and feel free to SPREAD THE WORD


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My TV debut!

Last month I was invited to be a guest on Rogers Daytime Toronto, and what a blast it was! 

What was initially supposed to be a 9 minute segment turned into a 20 segment and it pretty much covered every aspect of my artistic career, from the first time I picked up a brush in 2010 to today.

Grab a coffee or popcorn, depending on what time of the day you are watching, and enjoy!

I love chatting art, so feel free to send me your feedback and comments :)

Click HERE to watch!




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I have to admit, I hadn't painted in almost 2 months.

When I first started painting and I would sometimes go through these breaks, periods of time I wouldn't paint because I wasn't inspired to, and remember often worrying and wondering if my talent would dry up. If it would walk away because I was taking it for granted, or the inspiration would just stop coming, or if I would start painting like a painted in the early days again! Yikes! I cringe at the stuff I produced in the beginning LOL

Now I know that my talent doesn't disappear, I don't revert back to a beginner painter and that in fact it's OK for me to create in other ways and get inspired in other ways and come back to the canvas whenever inspiration strikes again.

In any case, I had to start my blog with this bit of information because it leads me to my story, which is that yesterday I finally painted and it felt great. In fact it felt freaking amazing!

To paint you a picture, since I'm a visual artist, I had a very frustrating Monday morning start having to take time to deal with some personal issues that to a certain extent are out of my control but have a huge impact on my life. I had to make some tough decisions and have some even tougher conversations. I was feeling hugely frustrated. 

Sitting at my desk, filling out Government paperwork, all of a sudden the words "self-care" popped into my head and I had to ask myself "how can I take care of me while going through this process". The answer was so clear. I saw two white canvases leaning against my wall and felt a HUGE urge to paint. 

It took me seconds to set up my paints and supplies and get going, and the inspiration came fast and furious. I don't know if it took me 5 minutes or 45 minutes to paint this abstract, because I was in a meditative state from beginning to end. 

All I know is when I came to and looked at the complete work, it took my breath away.

I felt like I had ran a 5K, like I had broken a sweat, lost 20 pounds. Felt simply exhilarated. 

I felt happier, lighter and more at peace... with everything. If it'd been a Sunday afternoon vs a Monday afternoon, I would have taken a nap. That's how spent I felt. 

Have you ever experienced something like this? An activity that takes you into a meditative state and has you come out fully refreshed? If so share! I think it's important that we share stories of our creative journeys so we can inspire others to try different things and help them find their passion(s). 

Until next time, 


Nadia Lloyd 

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See this painting? Well, do I ever have a story to tell you.

This past weekend I exhibited at the One of a Kind Show where I formally introduced my collection of leggings, skirts and scarfs to the market. I brought with me two paintings to outfit my booth, to show my fans my process, "from my canvas to their closet" as my slogan says.

Two booths to my left there was a beauty care company called Froosh. One of the staff members named Missy had been coming to my booth 3-4 times a day, looking at different accessories, different designs all the while telling me over and over again how much she loves my art and how much she loves my work.

One afternoon, when she came by my booth for the fourth time that day, she brought up my paintings, not my fashion accessories like in previous days. She asked "what's the price for this one" and then leaned in and saw that the price on the canvas. She then asked me how much the other canvas was and I said it's the same price.

She then said "I'm really attracted to that one, as she pointed to the second one and said especially the part where it says "Why? Why not!" because of this", she then lifted her sleeve to reveal her "Why not" tattoo.

I went completely speechless. My eyes went back-and-forth between her arm and my canvas, reading and rereading the words, and looking at the similarity of the penmanship -just shaking my head, feeling chills down my spine.

I told her that my painting was painted on a weekday sometime last year in 2015 at 3:30am in the morning. I woke up in the middle of the night as I sometimes do, and could not go back to sleep and decided to paint. And I remember writing the words "why, why not" because I thought well "why not! Why can't I paint at 3:30 in the morning if that's when inspiration strikes".

She told me the story of her tattoo, and how the inspiration also came to her in the middle of the night.

Needless to say we both agreed this piece was painted for her.

This is not the first time that I have experienced such an undeniable connection between one of my pieces of art and a stranger. But it's never been quite this striking.

One thing I do know, what my experience in the last 5 years had taught me, since I first picked up a brush in 2010, is that every piece I paint, already has an owner. An owner who will love it and cherish it as much as I do, for years to come. It's only a matter of time until I meet the owner of each piece, but I eventually do. And it's always a pleasure to hand over a piece, as much as it equally saddens me, when I know it is already loved.

So with the One of a Kind Show now over, I will sleep for 48 hrs and get back to reality slowly but surely.

I will reflect on the journey I've had the last 5.5 years because it feels like an out of body experience. I feel like I've been an artist my whole life when in reality... wow, it's only been 5.5 years! And now I can also call myself a designer.... unreal. So grateful.

One thing I now know for sure is that passion is like fire, it cannot be denied.

A huge, massive thank you to everyone who has supported my art and passion the last 5.5 years. Thank you. Your love and appreciation fuels me daily.

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Seems the more I create, the more I create. Can you relate?

"People often tell me that they're not creative, and I don't believe that one bit. I didn't discover my creativity until I was 35! I never went to art school and didn't really paint as a kid."

My name is Nadia Lloyd, I'm a self taught abstract artist, designer and event planner. In 2010 I sold my fitness boutique studio in the east end, picked up a paintbrush and started painting for the first time. It quickly became a passion and obsession and a full-time venture. By 2012 I started printing my art on different textiles to experiment with various home decor and fashion accessory products. I had a wish and desire to make my art functional, accessible and affordable, and I couldn't think of a better way than to print it on a pillow or a pair of leggings or skirt, so that's what I did! After a few years of experimenting I have four primary collections including cushion covers, scarves, leggings and skirts.

My cushions and abstract art have been carried by retail stores such as Casalife and UpCountry and my scarves are available at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection Gift Shop in Kleinburg. 

When I'm not painting and designing, I'm event planning. In June 2013, I ran an event I called the Liberty Village Art Crawl. I gathered 45 artists, 2 food trucks and a DJ at Liberty Park in Liberty Village for a full day of sun, food, shopping and catching up with friends and neighbors while supporting local artists and artisans. The event was hugely successful, went without a hitch and was very well received by the community.  

Following the event I was approached by other community leaders asking me to organize a similar event in their local communities, an offer I could not resist, and within months I became a full time event planner! 

Before I knew it, I had 5 annual events happening in three separate locations on an annual basis, and it was time to form a parent company that would oversee all of the events. That is when Toronto Art Crawl was born, in the early months of 2014. Since then, Toronto Art Crawl has been named "Top 10 outdoor art fairs to attend in Toronto" 2 years in a row by BlogTO (2014-2015) and has been presented by Cirque Du Soleil Luzia, Varekai and Toruk (2015-2016) and sponsored by companies such as BMW, Mill Street Brewery, Zipcar Toronto, Investor's Group to name a few. So needless to say, you NEVER know how a tiny idea can grow into something way bigger than yourself!

Even though it can sometimes be challenging to juggle art, design and event planning on a daily basis, the three are true labours of love, and I get so much joy and energy from them - it feels like play more than work.

My advice on harnessing creativity is just to be as creative as possible, as often as possible. I find the more I create, the more I create. I've come to the point where I need to create on a daily basis in one form or another. 

People often tell me that they're not creative, and I don't believe that one bit. I didn't discover my creativity till I was 35! I never went to art school and didn't really paint as a kid. So this was a truly strange yet welcome discovery for me. And it can happen to anyone. So my advice is like Nike says, JUST DO IT! Get out there and create. Do what ever makes your heart sing.

My collections and original abstract art are all available online a

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Meet Emily O'Brien! | #WomenOfTO presented by Nadia Lloyd |

We could tell when Emily showed up to our "Women Of TO" photoshoot that she was quite an enigma. Self-confident, poised and smart, she's a woman who knows what she wants and doesn't shy away from the spotlight. And why should she? As soon as she stepped in front of the camera, Emily transformed from an every-day beauty to a one-in-a-million super model. 

A non-stop entrepreneur and self-proclaimed travel addict, Emily O'Brien is always on the go. A true millennial at heart, she bounces between working with local startups in the digital marketing community and collaborates on an Indonesian sneaker line, inspired by her time spent abroad working for their Ministry of Foreign affairs. Emily's love of travel is only matched by her love for her pooch, a Bernese Mountain Puppy named "Pounce". 

Like Nadia, Emily is a Liberty-Villager, living in one of the city's youngest communities she enjoys taking in local events like Pampered Pooches, dining at one of the village's many gastro-pubs and eateries and attending concerts and sporting events. 

" I love being out and about on the town (or out of it) so there is rarely a dull moment in my life!" 

"Dull" is certainly not a word we'd use to describe Emily, so when it came time to dress her in some pieces from Nadia's collection we went straight for the most exciting pieces in her collection. Emily is no stranger to Nadia's line of wearables and home decor, "her POST NO BILLS pillow was my first purchase!", she said, when telling us about what initially drew her to Nadia's eclectic collection of artistic pieces, "It's hard to describe, but I really like how she can combine the outside and inside worlds. It's such a cool thing to be able to see things you normally see on paper or concrete on pillows instead!"

Emily's favourite part about her new leggings? "I love how she creatively named them after each Toronto neighbourhood!" 


Nadia Lloyd presents: Women of Toronto [ #WomenOfTO ]

Drawing inspiration from a group of driven, independent women in Toronto. Highlighting their contributions to our city, arts and culture. Profiling several of Toronto's most promising young women in a piece from the Nadia Lloyd Art collection, and digging a little deeper than we could with your average fashion model, learning about their experiences with life, art and fashion in the city. 



Product: Liberty Village Stretch Leggings, $69 CAD + Custom Painted Nadia Lloyd Clutch, $120 CAD
 Emily O'Brien, Co-Founder/President at Crowdfuel + Blogger @ Gather
Photography: Rebecca Tisdale-Macias, The Black Umbrella Photography
Styling & Design: Christella Morris, Main St. Creative Co.





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Take Me Home: Meet Casey


How can you describe a woman who's overcome many obstacles in life while maintaining a passion for living? 

Casey Elliott is a fighter, but you wouldn't guess it from her ear-to-ear smile and casual, quiet demeanor. At 14, Casey lost all her hair to Alopecia. This is an autoimmune disease where a person looses all their hair. In some cases, it may grow back, but often not. Casey has tattoos on her scalp, for days that she is going without her gorgeous hair (a wig), but these days is loving the look she's getting with her hair. This loss hasn't stopped her, though, 

When purchasing her first home - a tiny 400 square foot condo, Casey started Waffling Blog - a way to show that small spaces can be functional and fun AND that even as an indecisive person, you can make style decisions that you're happy with at home (hence the name Waffling!). 



"I love Nadia's bold colours and how she incorporates Toronto into her art. I am a huge fan of localized art like that as I love this city!"

Casey's since sold her tiny condo and purchased a new one - a "diamond in the rough" that's taking her out of her comfort zone (again) while she renovates it from top to bottom. She's also branched out on her blog - adding recipies and her very exciting training getting her ready to run her first ever half marathon. This girl's got it going on and is excited to take you on her journey. 


Nadia Lloyd presents: Women of Toronto

A campaign highlighting successful and bright women of Toronto and their contributions to our city, arts and culture. Each week we profile one of Toronto's most promising young women in a piece from the Nadia Lloyd Art collection, digging a little deeper than we could with your average fashion model. Come back each week to see a new real woman sharing her real thoughts on Nadia Lloyd's new collection, success, art and more.  



Product: Post No Bills Art Print Cushion (1), Museum Silk Scarf (2)
 Casey Elliott; Lifestyle and Home Decor Blogger @wafflingblog 
Photography: Rebecca Tisdale-Macias, The Black Umbrella Photography
Styling: Christella Morris & Kat Armstrong, Main St. Creative Co.

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What's Nic Got To Do With It: Meet Lindsay Gibb

Sometimes life can take us in interesting ways. Hanging out with someone like Lindsay Gibb, you see that people you least expect can lead you down the most interesting paths. 
As a writer and art lover, Lindsay became aware of Nadia's art through her passion for exploration. In finding the local artist, Lindsay (another Liberty Village resident) was able to study and enjoy Nadia's art. 
"I love her choice of colours and her use of text within her art. As a writer, I suppose I'm drawn to art that requires some reading."
And loving reading is something Lindsay knows all about - As a librarian and educator, Lindsay's passion lies in the written word. So much so, that she's written a book of her own. And, much like Nadia's work, her subject matter may surprise. 
Coming out October 2015, Lindsay's written a book about the legacy of actor Nicholas Cage called National Treasure about how he fits into pop culture in so many ways. 
Linsday's worn her Nadia Lloyd art all throughout book fairs and comic events in Toronto and even traveled to Iceland with her gear this past year - proving that the most surprising things can often be the most rewarding. 
Nadia Lloyd presents: Women of Toronto
A campaign highlighting successful and bright women of Toronto and their contributions to our city, arts and culture. Each week we profile one of Toronto's most promising young women in a piece from the Nadia Lloyd Art collection, digging a little deeper than we could with your average fashion model. Come back each week to see a new real woman sharing her real thoughts on Nadia Lloyd's new collection, success, art and more.  
Product: Nadia Lloyd Art,
 Lindsay Gibb
Photography: Rebecca Tisdale-Macias, The Black Umbrella Photography
Styling: Christella Morris & Kat Armstrong, Main St. Creative Co.



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