Shine Bright Like a Diamond: Meet Jehan Teja

Jehan Teja - Nadia Lloyd Art meets Azki Jewlery

We all love to sparkle sometimes, but few of us sparkle all of the time. After meeting Jehan Teja, her beautiful smile is but one of the facets about her that makes her shine like a precious stone. 

Jehan first became aware of Nadia's work through her own involvement as a vendor at the Toronto Art Crawl. Drawn to the event originally as an attendee, then later as a vendor, Jehan became aware of Nadia's dynamic art and then her wearables and fell in love with the colour, style and function. 

"Nadia herself has such a bright, bold personality and I think this really comes through in her work. The colours she uses and the patterns she creates convey a sense of high energy and passion and I love being able to wear pieces that speak for themselves."

Jehan knows about pieces that speak for themselves; As the creative force behind Azki Jewelry, Jehan's understated, simple and refined pieces perfectly compliment the vivid, downtown vibe that Nadia's line of wearable silk scarves boasts.

The combination of the subtle sparkle of Azki Jewelry works so well with the bold colours Nadia uses in her scarves, leggings and handbags - this pairing is a perfect analogy for Toronto: Unassuming yet bold. Mutually soft and strong, but a classic fashion piece nonetheless. 

What sparkles the most about Jehan, beyond her line of gorgeous classic and meticulously hand-crafted jewelry is her dedication to her craft and her journey to living a life filled with art and creation. Much like Nadia, Jehan discovered her passion for creation later on her journey, originally working as a civil servant for the Government, after obtaining her Masters in Economics. As equally smart as she is impassioned, Jehan set out to figure out a way to turn her once-creative outlet into a more permanent job.

In 2014, after several years spent educating herself on the mastery of making handmade jewelry, Azki Jewelry finally became Jehan's full-time career. 

We believe that Jehan embodies what it truly means to be a Toronto Woman, and is living proof that anything can be accomplished if you make a plan and set an intention. 



Nadia Lloyd presents: Women of Toronto

A campaign highlighting successful and bright women of Toronto and their contributions to our city, arts and culture. Each week we profile one of Toronto's most promising young women in a piece from the Nadia Lloyd Art collection, digging a little deeper than we could with your average fashion model. Come back each week to see a new real woman sharing her real thoughts on Nadia Lloyd's new collection, success, art and more.  



Product: Nadia Lloyd Art, Silk Scarf, Rosedale $65.00
Jehan Teja, Azki Jewelry
Photography: Rebecca Tisdale-Macias, The Black Umbrella Photography
Styling: Christella Morris & Kat Armstrong, Main St. Creative Co.

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