Unfinished Symphony: Meet Kathleen

Take some design and a love of classical music and throw in a dash of streetwise and youthful woman and you'll get  the unfinished symphony of Kathleen Stanley. 

Kathleen Stanley is a study in opposites. To see her, with her brightly highlighted hair, tattoos and urban-chic look, you'd think she was a dancer or perhaps into hip hop. What would probably surprise you is that Kathleen founded a Toronto-centric orchestra and makes crochet head wear. 

This young entrepreneur was drawn to Nadia's work because of it's style and vibrancy. 

In her own words

"I love the skirts and the message they send across."

When Kathleen isn't working on her Etsy business, she's busy with the Greater Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra (gtpo.ca) - a labour of love that has students, pre-professional and professional musicians performing throughout the GTA, supporting each other and lifting each other up. When Kathleen isn't crafting for her Etsy store or rehersing with the GTPO, she is doing traditional Thai martial arts (Muay Thai), cooking or finishing up her degree at teacher's college. 

Talk about a busy woman!

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Thanks to Kathleen Stanley for her gorgeous look and Rebecca Tisdale-Mascias of Black Umbrella Photography. 

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