Can leggings be worn as pants?

Ever since leggings became the ubiquitous item of clothing a few years ago, there has been a steady backlash of people arguing that leggings aren't, in fact, pants. What we think they're really saying is that leggings shouldn't be worn as pants. The arguments include sheerness of fabric (you know the ones), tightness (no less tight than jeans!) or that they are just too casual.

While we agree that some leggings shouldn't be worn as pants, all of these arguments can be handily knocked down at times, especially if you're looking at a pair of Nadia Lloyd's art inspired leggings

So, let's hit some of the leggings naysayer's arguments, shall we?

First: Sheerness of fabric. This is certainly not a problem here:

Nadia Lloyd Leggings, which can take you from the gym to dinner are made of a stretchy blend fabric, and not a thin, flimsy cotton. In order to have the prints shine, Nadia (a former fitness instructor) chose a fabric that, while breathable and soft, is thick enough to stand up to the bold prints of her art. These leggings work perfectly for a hot yoga class or a night out at the club.


The next argument you always get is that leggings are too tight to be worn as pants, however, considering how tight people wear their jeans these days, we don't see much difference!

There's absolutely nothing wrong with a sleek and streamlined look for fitted pants, and these leggings hold their own as a stylish pant. Sure, you could throw on a tunic or even dress or skirt on top, but if you wanted to rock these bad boys as pants on their own, you totally could without feeling exposed.


Finally, there's the argument that leggings are just too casual and should stay at the gym or as loungewear. We think this is wrong! (On so many levels!) When you're talking about leggings as stylish and modern as these gorgeous ones, you really can't go wong!

We want to know, how would YOU wear Nadia Lloyd Leggings? Out to the gym with a dry-fit tank, paired with a simple blend cotton longline tunic, or matched with another beautiful print?

Next time someone tells you that "leggings aren't pants," send them this way to remind them that not all pants are created equal and you'd rather be stylish in these bad boys than part of the herd in a pair of "jeggings"!

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