An Accessory Everyone Needs: Custom Painted Clutches by Nadia Lloyd

I know what you're thinking based on this title - no one needs a handbag - but, there are more uses than a cute clutch for an evening out on the town, and here's how I figured that out. 

A few years ago, we started our family, and I found out that you need to fill your giant bag with lots of smaller bags - a bag for diapers and wipes, a bag for clothes, a bag for your personal items and countless other small pouches and bags for snacks, meals and more. Then, I noticed that my beautiful little handbags, clutches and purses were all going unused. 

Then, when I was organizing my closet, I placed all my smaller bags into one of my larger bags and then EUREKA! Use smaller bags inside larger bags to organize your life! 

Now I know you're thinking, "but I don't have kids!" But that's the beauty - if you want to get your giant bag organized, or are travelling, what better way to get everything sorted, than using your clutches and handbags (which you wanted to pack anyways) for functional purposes when not in use for fashionable purposes? 

See? Pretty neat, huh?


Can't you imagine looking into your tote bag and being easily able to find whatever it is you're looking for because it's in a gorgeous little clutch like the one above? And if you're travelling, you know you've automatically got a beautiful small bag to use if you're going out on the town and you didn't actually have to pack anything extra! 

This little trick/brainwave has saved me now on numerous occasions and I have to say, I'm pretty grateful for it. And being able to re purpose a bag that, for me, doesn't get a lot of love anymore is really wonderful. 

What would you use your Nadia Lloyd handbag for?

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