Update any room in your home with this one simple trick!

Maybe you're selling your home, or maybe you'd like to update the look of it. Either way, the idea of redecorating is daunting and can be very expensive. While many people have that creative touch and pinterest addiction that gives them the inspiration they need to add a bit more style to their spaces, others are left feeling confused and overwhelmed!

Trying to update the style of your living room, bedroom or even kitchen doesn't have to come at a huge cost. In fact, we have one very simple tip that will help you create a beautiful space on a very small budget!


Step One: Pick A Cushion, Any Cushion!

The first step is to pick out the Nadia Lloyd Art Print Cushion that you love the most. This will be the starting place for your room redecoration...

Nadia Lloyd Art Print Cushions come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, making it easy (and affordable) to select a cushion style that can help you create your starting point for making any space a bit more coherent and stylish. 

Say, for instance, you chose the Queen West Art Print Cushion; inspired by the graffiti and art available on Toronto's famous hipster hangout, Queen St. West. 

You can easily choose your top four favourite hues from the cushion's painting design to help spruce up your room and tie the whole thing together with the help of your brand new cushions!

Here's an example of how our in-house style team would use the pillow to pull together a interior design colour scheme:



With so many styles to choose from, Nadia Lloyd decor pieces fit in any room, bringing a new sense of style to your space. Just one pillow can make such a difference in your living room, bedroom or even nursery. Already have your pop of colour and not sure how to tie the room together? Nadia's art is so varied that simply adding one pillow with all the colours in your room will help centre and organize the eye, making your room pop and your bright bursts of colour will stand out even more. 

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