What's Nic Got To Do With It: Meet Lindsay Gibb

Sometimes life can take us in interesting ways. Hanging out with someone like Lindsay Gibb, you see that people you least expect can lead you down the most interesting paths. 
As a writer and art lover, Lindsay became aware of Nadia's art through her passion for exploration. In finding the local artist, Lindsay (another Liberty Village resident) was able to study and enjoy Nadia's art. 
"I love her choice of colours and her use of text within her art. As a writer, I suppose I'm drawn to art that requires some reading."
And loving reading is something Lindsay knows all about - As a librarian and educator, Lindsay's passion lies in the written word. So much so, that she's written a book of her own. And, much like Nadia's work, her subject matter may surprise. 
Coming out October 2015, Lindsay's written a book about the legacy of actor Nicholas Cage called National Treasure about how he fits into pop culture in so many ways. 
Linsday's worn her Nadia Lloyd art all throughout book fairs and comic events in Toronto and even traveled to Iceland with her gear this past year - proving that the most surprising things can often be the most rewarding. 
Nadia Lloyd presents: Women of Toronto
A campaign highlighting successful and bright women of Toronto and their contributions to our city, arts and culture. Each week we profile one of Toronto's most promising young women in a piece from the Nadia Lloyd Art collection, digging a little deeper than we could with your average fashion model. Come back each week to see a new real woman sharing her real thoughts on Nadia Lloyd's new collection, success, art and more.  
Product: Nadia Lloyd Art,
 Lindsay Gibb
Photography: Rebecca Tisdale-Macias, The Black Umbrella Photography
Styling: Christella Morris & Kat Armstrong, Main St. Creative Co.



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