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How can you describe a woman who's overcome many obstacles in life while maintaining a passion for living? 

Casey Elliott is a fighter, but you wouldn't guess it from her ear-to-ear smile and casual, quiet demeanor. At 14, Casey lost all her hair to Alopecia. This is an autoimmune disease where a person looses all their hair. In some cases, it may grow back, but often not. Casey has tattoos on her scalp, for days that she is going without her gorgeous hair (a wig), but these days is loving the look she's getting with her hair. This loss hasn't stopped her, though, 

When purchasing her first home - a tiny 400 square foot condo, Casey started Waffling Blog - a way to show that small spaces can be functional and fun AND that even as an indecisive person, you can make style decisions that you're happy with at home (hence the name Waffling!). 



"I love Nadia's bold colours and how she incorporates Toronto into her art. I am a huge fan of localized art like that as I love this city!"

Casey's since sold her tiny condo and purchased a new one - a "diamond in the rough" that's taking her out of her comfort zone (again) while she renovates it from top to bottom. She's also branched out on her blog - adding recipies and her very exciting training getting her ready to run her first ever half marathon. This girl's got it going on and is excited to take you on her journey. 


Nadia Lloyd presents: Women of Toronto

A campaign highlighting successful and bright women of Toronto and their contributions to our city, arts and culture. Each week we profile one of Toronto's most promising young women in a piece from the Nadia Lloyd Art collection, digging a little deeper than we could with your average fashion model. Come back each week to see a new real woman sharing her real thoughts on Nadia Lloyd's new collection, success, art and more.  



Product: Post No Bills Art Print Cushion (1), Museum Silk Scarf (2)
 Casey Elliott; Lifestyle and Home Decor Blogger @wafflingblog 
Photography: Rebecca Tisdale-Macias, The Black Umbrella Photography
Styling: Christella Morris & Kat Armstrong, Main St. Creative Co.

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