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We could tell when Emily showed up to our "Women Of TO" photoshoot that she was quite an enigma. Self-confident, poised and smart, she's a woman who knows what she wants and doesn't shy away from the spotlight. And why should she? As soon as she stepped in front of the camera, Emily transformed from an every-day beauty to a one-in-a-million super model. 

A non-stop entrepreneur and self-proclaimed travel addict, Emily O'Brien is always on the go. A true millennial at heart, she bounces between working with local startups in the digital marketing community and collaborates on an Indonesian sneaker line, inspired by her time spent abroad working for their Ministry of Foreign affairs. Emily's love of travel is only matched by her love for her pooch, a Bernese Mountain Puppy named "Pounce". 

Like Nadia, Emily is a Liberty-Villager, living in one of the city's youngest communities she enjoys taking in local events like Pampered Pooches, dining at one of the village's many gastro-pubs and eateries and attending concerts and sporting events. 

" I love being out and about on the town (or out of it) so there is rarely a dull moment in my life!" 

"Dull" is certainly not a word we'd use to describe Emily, so when it came time to dress her in some pieces from Nadia's collection we went straight for the most exciting pieces in her collection. Emily is no stranger to Nadia's line of wearables and home decor, "her POST NO BILLS pillow was my first purchase!", she said, when telling us about what initially drew her to Nadia's eclectic collection of artistic pieces, "It's hard to describe, but I really like how she can combine the outside and inside worlds. It's such a cool thing to be able to see things you normally see on paper or concrete on pillows instead!"

Emily's favourite part about her new leggings? "I love how she creatively named them after each Toronto neighbourhood!" 


Nadia Lloyd presents: Women of Toronto [ #WomenOfTO ]

Drawing inspiration from a group of driven, independent women in Toronto. Highlighting their contributions to our city, arts and culture. Profiling several of Toronto's most promising young women in a piece from the Nadia Lloyd Art collection, and digging a little deeper than we could with your average fashion model, learning about their experiences with life, art and fashion in the city. 



Product: Liberty Village Stretch Leggings, $69 CAD + Custom Painted Nadia Lloyd Clutch, $120 CAD
 Emily O'Brien, Co-Founder/President at Crowdfuel + Blogger @ Gather
Photography: Rebecca Tisdale-Macias, The Black Umbrella Photography
Styling & Design: Christella Morris, Main St. Creative Co.





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