My first FUNDRAISER - For a good friend battling two cancers at once

My first FUNDRAISER - For a good friend battling two cancers at once


UPDATE: We are no longer in need of accepting donations! We will share with you the great news in a few days, in the meantime, thank you for your generosity and please come back here by September 20th for a full update.



This is Katie Munro on the right and me, Nadia Lloyd, artist on the left. Katie is a lovely and strong woman I’m very lucky to call my friend. 

In the last 5 years, she has been dealt some really tough cards health-wise, and needs our help.

Having conquered breast and skin cancer already,  this past June,  she was diagnosed with both leukemia  and lymphoma.

Katie has a gene mutation that was passed on by her mother (who herself lost her battle to breast cancer in 2014) and this mutation impacts the P53 gene, the gene which is primarily responsible for protecting us from cancer.

Because of this mutation,  chemotherapy, radiation and/or a bone marrow transplant are not an option.  

Upon diagnostic, her team of doctors contacted other doctors around the globe to find a treatment plan to keep her alive. 

Fortunately, they found similar cases to hers in the US, but unfortunately the treatment costs $8000+ per month out of pocket.  That is now what is required to keep her alive. Indefinitely.

She currently has no health benefits and cannot work. 

Imagine being in her shoes. This is what I did back in June when she told me the devastating news. 

Not being in a financial position to help her pay for the treatments, I decided I would help her with talents: MY ART.

In early August, I launched a campaign to give Katie 50% of all proceeds from my art sales, until end of September.

I am hoping that through art sales and donations, I will be able to raise $48,000 for her, the equivalent of 6 months of treatment.

If you love art, especially SKYLINES, GRAFFITI AND ABSTRACT, please take a look at my website and see if there is a piece you would like to own. I will donate 50% of all sales to my campaign.

See my art here:




As well, you can commission your own art! And I will also donate 50% of the proceeds.

And please share our story, help spread the word and in turn help keep my friend alive.

Gratefully yours,

Nadia Lloyd
Toronto Artist 

P.S. In wanting to remain optimistic and hoping Katie will see a full recovery, I would like to mention that when her treatments are no longer required, any additional funds remaining will be donated to a Cancer related charity.

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