This show was TRULY a One of a Kind Show!

This show was TRULY a One of a Kind Show!

I must be honest and tell you that as I write these words, tears are pouring down my cheeks. Tears of pure joy, tears of pride and tears of humbleness.

I woke up exhausted this morning after five grueling days at the One-of-a-Kind Show, but grueling in the best of ways. 

I met a ton of lovely people, had a ton of great conversations and heard a ton of amazing feedback.

I don't think about it often, but after being surrounded by hundreds of people for the last five days, I realized that being an artist can be quite lonely. 

I spend countless hours in my studio; my safe space, alone, creating, daydreaming, and putting in crazy hours at materializing my visions and goals.

I get lots of great feedback from my family, friends and fans on social media on a daily basis, but it doesn't compare to actually watching people's reactions when they see my work in person and hearing them say things over and over like: "Ooh, Ah, Oh my God, Check this out! This is so awesome!, etc.” Needless to say, my cheeks are tired this morning from all the smiling I've done!

Another major highlight that came out of the OOAK Show is this picture you see above. OOAK puts on fashion shows throughout the day featuring pieces from various vendors. 

I've been lucky for the second year in a row to be featured in the fashion show, but last year I never had the opportunity to actually leave my booth to see the event live. 

This year, I promised myself I would not miss it under any circumstances and on Friday night I got the chance to witness this gorgeous beauty strut her stuff on the runway wearing my apparel and collection you all know I hold very dear to my heart.

Goosebumps! This was an experience like no other. An experience I will never forget. The model came by yesterday afternoon to introduce herself and to tell me how much she loves my brand and that she will be taking pieces with her on her international modelling trips to proudly represent Toronto! 

So yes, this morning I am exhausted and elated, and want to thank all of you who came by to meet me in person and to tell me how much you love my work.

You have no idea how much your words will fuel my future and help me get through the difficult times and challenges that naturally come with entrepreneurship. 

Thank you and I send you so much love. 



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