Was feeling blue 'til I saw this!

Was feeling blue 'til I saw this!

While mindlessly scrolling IG this morning, I came across these 3 photos:

Needless to say, yeah... it instantly put a HUGE smile on my face! 

As a self-taught designer, and self financed full time artist taking leap of faith after leap of faith towards my Toronto Skyline obsession, it is a pretty damn good feeling seeing photos of ladies living it up in your gear, running marathons, feeling empowered and going as far as pairing me with Louis Vuitton! 

Pinch me - I must be dreaming! It makes all of the blood, sweat and tears of entrepreneurship really well worth while.

To see the full Toronto Collection click HERE and if you have photos of yourself in my gear please send them over and I will feature you in my future blogs! 

Happy Spring!


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