When inspiration turns into a collection!

When inspiration turns into a collection!


I've always been in love with the underside of the Gardiner. And I mean IN LOVE. Like I can park my car on the Lakeshore and stand under the Gardiner in awe of the beauty that urban decay and big city living has created.

Anyone else?

Last year I started taking photos of various areas I would find myself in on my daily walks (I'm a big walker), and as a result I ended up with some really beautiful photos which I will be showing you over the next little while.

Well this weekend I had a huge burst of inspiration, finally, and I say finally because I have been feeling a little creatively uninspired lately (hate the winter).

As a result of this creative burst, I created a mini Bentway Collection, one which honors my love for the underside of the Gardiner.

View the collection HERE and enjoy FREE CANADIAN WIDE SHIPPING when you use code BENTWAY2019 at checkout before March 31st 2019!



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